Pat's Peeps

Meet the Pat's Peeps

Dream Team!

What is the Pat’s Peeps Dream Team? They are the ones that will be helping you become a Pat’s Peep and to get your business marketing working like magic on the Pat’s Peeps site. Not a Pat’s Peeps yet? Click the button on the right to get started.

Redhot Media Productions is owned by Dan Knapp. Dan and Pat have been best friends since college where they collaborated on an Emmy Award nominated video documentary. Dan is Pat’s personal web designer and will help you build your Pat’s Peeps business easily and affordably. Redhot Media specializes in websites, video and animation production, logo design and more.
John Pyron “The Business Doctor” is Pat’s business coach and has been instrumental in making Pat’s Peeps a reality. The Business Doctor has trained thousands of people across 12 countries in business and sales principles. Through one-on-one coaching, consulting, and masterminds he helps business owners get results fast and eliminates frustrations.


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